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Business Development Objectives, Responsibilities & Capabilities
July 10, 2014

Andrew (Andy) Oliver Andrew (Andy) Oliver
President and Managing Partner
The objectives of business development have not changed: building relationships, attracting new customers, opening new markets, and business growth.  But the strategies, execution, areas of knowledge, and skills required include new approaches to content, programs, and tools. Specifically a business development leader has the following responsibilities:
  • Defining the business you are in and how to position it in your market
  • Identifying customer pains and needs
  • Articulating your value proposition against those pains and needs
  • Understanding what your customer wants to know at each decision stage during their procurement process
  • Prioritizing how to use customer intelligence to connect with your markets and generate more business
  • Evaluating and reporting on your company's performance

These are key areas of focus and if executed properly, the client will beat a path to your door time and time again.