Threat and Risk Assessment
Whether your needs are for contracted or permanent resources, or that highly qualified executive to lead your organization, Breckenhill has the right certified professional for you!

Threat and Risk Assessments

Conducting a Threat and Risk Assessment is more than a question of having a structured approach and a way with words for a good-sounding report. We have that but so does most everyone else in the TRA business.

What we have that makes us different is a professionally qualified, certified state-of-the-art team of highly experienced experts who have been on both sides of the fence. They have developed and managed security-sensitive large-scale systems in both the public and private sectors from banking to blood banks! They have worked nationally and internationally on some of the most sensitive systems and information repositories around.

We understand risk. We know the technology and the business issues, can think through and identify matters of consequence as well as articulate and implement solutions, if required.