Transparent and Fair Public Procurement
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Transparent and Fair Public Procurement

The public sector on average spends 50 percent, or more, of their budgets on public procurement, amounting to over 20 per cent of GDP in developed countries. In the Canadian federal government, alone, this amounts to over $15 billion annually. In developing countries, the percentages are often even higher, meaning the need for fair, equitable, transparent and efficient procurement systems and practices are critical to the delivery of programs, goods and services to the benefit of the people.

Time, quality and cost are factors that affect the procurement decision and they often have conflicting consequences. Furthermore, contracting dollars may disappear if managers aren’t clear in what they want or need. Unreliable or high-cost suppliers can reduce the value obtained for the price. Also, managers may make contracting decisions for their own benefit or their friends.

The framework of civil and criminal law is geared toward increasing the likelihood of the highest value received for expenditures incurred and government systems and practices are intended to support this framework. We at Breckenhill have experience in all phases of public procurement – from development of the framework and technology, through the receipt of goods and services. We have worked with governments from Eastern Europe and South Asia for DFID, ADB and World Bank, know the issues and will work with you in solving your procurement problems.