Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

As governments strive to be more open and transparent they implement measures to allow access to their files by their citizenry. Extreme pressure is placed on those same governments to deliver on the created demands in a timely fashion. To complicate matters, interpreting the parameters surrounding the governing legislation can require in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience by the resources tasked to process the requests.

We advise Privacy Commissioners and have participated at the highest levels and in the field with reviews of the management of personal information of Canadians held by the federal government whether for passports, social services, immigration, health or tax services. Our work has included the examination of cross-jurisdictional information sharing arrangements, security of information holdings nationally as well as internationally our team has worked, under the strictest security arrangements, on audits in Europe and Asia on behalf of Canada.

We can assist both the public and private sector with its legal obligations and associated privacy policy compliance needs. Providing advice on maintaining the delicate balance between personal privacy and protecting citizens against the intrusions of organized crime is part of our privacy audit expertise.