Business Process Analysis/Reengineering
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Business Process Analysis/Reengineering

In a world increasingly driven by the three Cs: Customer, Competition and Change, well-performing companies are continuously looking out for new solutions for their business problems. Some of the more successful business corporations use an intense process variously called Business Process Reengineering (BPR) or Business Process Analysis. It is also known as Business Process Redesign, Business Transformation, or Business Process Change Management.

BPR is an intense analysis of all current processes to develop new and fundamental improvements in operating methods. It is not used for tweaking or making minor incremental improvements in systems. The basic principle is to comprehensively design or redesign processes that achieve and sustain a level of output that maximizes value-added processes and to do so quickly in a manner that successfully embraces and implements change usually major change.

The focus is on processes and is not limited to simply thinking about organizations. It assumes as a mantra that the organization is only as effective as its processes. So, what is a process? A business process is a series of steps designed to produce a product or a service. It includes all the activities and resources that deliver particular results for a given customer (external or internal).

Breckenhill has a consolidated methodology that provides a practical structured approach to what is often a complex undertaking with serious impact on the way work gets done. Our methodology is designed to facilitate understanding, to enable communication with client management and to manage the impact on those most affected by what is frequently dramatic change.


BPR: The surest way to the Top!

For Breckenhill a critical success factor for BPR begins with the development of executive consensus on the importance of reengineering and the link between breakthrough business goals and reengineering projects. Ours is a clearly visible value chain approach.

A mandate for change is produced and a cross-functional team is established with a game plan for reengineering. The Team is a tightly knit integrated squad of your best people and Breckenhill experts. Our approach trains your team and, in addition to improved processes, through skill transfer leaves that additional value on the table. While forming the cross-functional team, steps are taken to ensure that the organization continues to function in the absence of several key players.

An intense customer focus, superior process design and a strong and motivated leadership are vital ingredients to the recipe for the success of any business corporation. Reengineering is the key that every organization should possess to attain these prerequisites to success. BPR doesn't offer a miracle cure on a platter. Nor does it provide a painless quick fix. Rather it advocates strenuous hard work and activates the people involved not only to change what they do, but alters their very way of thinking. We shift corporate culture when it's required.

Re-engineering is the basis for many recent developments in management. The cross-functional team has become popular because of the desire to re-engineer previously separate functional tasks into complete cross-functional processes. Also, many recent management information systems developments aim to integrate a wide number of business functions. Enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, knowledge management systems, groupware and collaborative systems, human resource management systems and customer relationship management systems all owe a debt to re-engineering theory. Breckenhill has the expert technological skill-set to work in all these areas.

The Breckenhill team of BPR experts has worked in the following sectors:

  • Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Food Industry
  • Foundries
  • Printing
  • Paper & Paperboard mills
  • Mail/Package sorting and delivery
  • Communications, Insurance
  • Federal Government
  • Provincial/State Government
  • Municipal Government