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The international fight against corruption, particularly in developing countries dependent of donor aid, is one of the great struggles of our time. Fraud and corruption stamps out the green shoots of economic growth, further impoverishes the least priviliged in our midst, erodes public confidence and is the enemy of freedom. Further, it weakens the will of donor country citizens to support their politicians in focusing foreign aid and development funds on otherwise deserving peoples and causes.

The kind of corruption that tends to be most visible to citizens of under-developed or developing countries in their daily lives is petty corruption, in the form of bribery as well as extortion which involves payments for benefits or favors received by a corrupt person or entity to either not apply the rules (selective law enforcement) or to apply the rules (gain access to utilities and social services). Grand corruption is a term often used to characterize the acts of the political elite to exploit their power to make economic policies, including for certain interests (economic, criminal) to effectively “capture” the state and make policies, or otherwise run the government, to their benefit. This could involve non-transparent allocation of contracts (procurement corruption); non-transparent licensing of underground resources (mining, oil, and gas); non-transparent sale of other state assets (State-Owned Enterprises; telecom licenses); and non-transparent appointment of senior officials. Grand corruption has major adverse effects on broader state-building and reconstruction and needs to be constantly fought against and rooted out.

Breckenhill has world-class associates in the fight against fraud and corruption. Our team has worked at the highest levels in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere on World Bank, UNDP, USAID and DFID funded projects. Our associates include an accredited investigator to the International Criminal Court and Certified Fraud Examiners. Our resources draw on the services of forensic accountants and auditors as well as policy and procedure specialists to address internal and external controls to mitigate the risk of being victimised by fraud and corruption. We work in both the public and private sector.