International Development
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International Development

Our International Development (ID) practice is focused on building the machinery of government among the people driving change in developing countries. Our interest is in capacity-building and sustainable development while remaining culturally sensitive.

Typically we are co-participants or sub-contractors on projects in developing or post-conflict states funded by international development agencies such as USAID, CIDA, DFID, ADB and the World Bank. The types of projects cover the gamut of anti-corruption, transparent and fair public procurement, natural resource licensing and development as well as data services for national statistical agencies, all using our skill-sets to build public sector capacity in financial management and control, performance and financial audit as well as internal auditing.

We have undertaken work for the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Council of Control of the Republic of Armenia, the Republican Budget Execution Control of Kazakhstan, and the Office of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, among others. Our consultants can also be found in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kosovo and many other places around the world where we offer our services in strengthening institutions and the rule-of-law, making democracy, economic growth and prosperity for all more attainable.